One eye sees, the other feels.

– Paul Klee

As an artist, I explore the crossroads, the meeting places, the moments where the seemingly unconnected converge and become something new.

Language holds a special fascination for me. Written texts evoke images and images inspire me toward words. For me, they are always connected, they walk hand in hand. One exists because of the other.

I grew up in Mexico City, London, and New York. Living in such different and distinct worlds exposed my sensibility and imagination, from an early age, to the riches of culture, tradition, and language. To the nuances of color, geography, and attitude.

I am drawn to what is our shared humanity, our similarities, what connects us to each other, as individuals and as communities. Collage, as a language for creating, mirrors my inner and outer worlds, with all the accompanying layers, complexity, and surprise. I use the varied elements and materials of collage to create bridges of conversation, to open the path for metaphor, to look closely in order to see the big picture. What I find there, as in life, is the alchemy of the planned and the unexpected, the unknown.

I am moved by intimate moments, those seen and unseen. By what is and isn’t there. By what appears to be one thing, and, upon closer attention, is always so much more. By the transformative power of human connection and the yearning for it. I want to defy the space that separates. To be more than what I am.



Liora Mondlak

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